Yesterday,  with . Thugger has been among the more quiet artists when it comes to Coronavirus PSAs or outspokenness on the disease in general, so fans will definitely be intrigued to find out how he’s getting through isolation.

In the full conversation with Big Boy, the two talk about Thug’s daily quarantine routine, with the rapper confirming that he does indeed get fully dressed, just as he normally would, to sit in the house all day. He also confirmed that he would still take photos with his fans in these strange, mask-wearing times, despite any best practices for social-distancing because “ya’ll the reason I got the crib,” he says.

He also shares with Big Boy that he has been recording at home– we are actually supposed to be get a  “I’ve been recording, I got a studio at home, I got a studio at house, I got a studio at Cash house.”

He went on to reveal that despite social distancing, he has been able to collaborate with a few choice rappers: “6lack, my brother, he done pulled up on , Uzi, Savage.” 

Young Thug Talks How Much Money He's Losing During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Big Boy asks Thugger about the amount money he’ll be losing during the pandemic, “if we’re locked up til July 1st,” he asks. Thug explains: “See it’s gon’ cost me double right, cause like, I ain’t going to be able to do the shows. And then, the money that I get for the shows, let’s just say I get 500,000, if I don’t do these 10 shows, that’s 5 M’s– but then I don’t make 5 million til June– and then I might spend a million, I might spend 2 million just on this quarantine shit. Like I got my mom and daddy owe these folks god damn. I’m like y’all stay in the house, they like yeah, they get tired the house they every week, they want a penthouse, go to the hotel.” 

“However much money I lose on the show, that’s probably the same amount money I lose spending my money,” he adds.

Before the interview wraps up, we get a glimpse at Thugger’s sons, as he shows them f for the camera and asks how they old are for Big Boy. Big Boy caps it f by asking Thug a few quick five questions, and the answers Thug gives are actually pretty poignant. Check that out in the second half the video below.