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10 Amazingly Heavy Genre Fusion Albums, as Selected by Bokassa

10 Amazingly Heavy Genre Fusion Albums, as Selected by Bokassa

Norwegian rock act Bokassa, sometimes identified in sound as stoner rock or hardcore punk, make a kind of heavy music that combines elements from many different styles of guitar-based fare.

With their new album Molotov Rocktail out on Friday (Sept 3), Loudwire asked the group to share what they think are some essential rock and metal albums that fuse different genres together.

Bokassa vocalist-guitarist Jørn Kaarstad obliged, curating a journey that identifies the merits of Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water while praising the crossover appeal of D.R.I.'s Thrash Zone. And there's plenty of other stops along the way.

On Wednesday (Sept. 1), two days before Molotov Rocktail's release, Bokassa shared their album's latest single, the cutting rock anthem "Hereticules," along with a music video for the track.

"'Hereticules' is one of our favorite songs on the record," the band said, "from the hardcore punk intro, the sludgy lead riff, the big bombastic horn and choir-filled rock chorus to the punishing metal breakdown outro, it's quite a ride for the listener. Such a wacky genre-fused song deserves a wacky video with choreographed dance moves. So that's what it got!"

See Kaarstad's picks for heavy genre fusion albums directly below the video. Check out more Bokassa at

Bokassa, "Hereticules" Music Video

10 Amazing Heavy Genre Fusion Albums

Some of the most enthralling rock and metal albums join musical genres together so seamlessly that they create a unique sonic world unto themselves. Here are 10 classic heavy releases that do just that, as selected by Jørn Kaarstad, frontman of Norwegian rockers Bokassa — a band who themselves play loud music that crosses musical boundaries.

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