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10 Best Alternative Rock Power Trios, Chosen by Black Map

10 Best Alternative Rock Power Trios, Chosen by Black Map

San Francisco-based alt-rockers Black Map have a new album, Melodoria, out now. It's their third overall and first since 2017's In Droves as the power trio glides through windswept soundscapes with weighty chord progressions and burly bass lines countering melody-driven passages. It brings to mind an era where alternative rock was wide open, ambitious and quirky, so Loudwire asked them to dig deep and pick the 10 Best Alternative Rock Power Trios.

It's incredible how much noise just three musicians can generate and it often requires each member to explore further on their individual parts to help round out the absence of something like a rhythm guitar beneath a lead. Absolutely everything must be complementary and the creative results are far-ranging.

The power trio is a distinct and iconic band formation and, in no particular order, below are the 10 alt-rock power trios Black Map think are the best.

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Black Map, "Witching Hour"

Best Alt-Rock Power Trios