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10 Best Groove Metal Albums Ever, Chosen by Dagoba

10 Best Groove Metal Albums Ever, Chosen by Dagoba

France's long-running modern metal mavens Dagoba are back with By Night, their first new album in five years. In the 25 years since their formation, they've pummeled the world with relentless rhythmic intensity, carefully evolving their sound, which continues to move forward with the increased presence of electronic elements and less extreme dynamics to round things out. Here to school you strictly on groove, however, is vocalist Shawter, who dishes on the 10 Best Groove Metal Albums Ever.

The lone remaining founding member of Dagoba, Shawter has spent 25 years barking and roaring over pit-stirring grooves, so he's more than qualified to take the deep dive here. Naturally, there's some obvious picks present in this list — you can't just ignore those god-status innovators — and the albums selected span nearly 15 years of metal.

While you're scrolling through Shawter's selections further down the page, don't forget to hit play on the video for "The Crossing," off Dagoba's By Night record which is out now on Napalm Records (order here).

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Dagoba, "The Last Crossing"

10 Best Groove Metal Albums, Chosen by Dagoba