10 Signs You’re a Fan of Tool

You know the pieces fit.

Tool are among the most distinctive and revered bands around, as everything they do – collectively and individually – is fascinating. From their mind-bendingly nightmarish visuals, salacious yet scholarly songwriting and mesmerizing instrumentation, to their hallmark personalities and outside endeavors, there’s always been something special about the prog metal/art rock quartet.

It's only fitting, then, that their listeners are usually just as characteristic. In fact, our own Graham Hartmann aptly suggested that Tool’s fanbase is “one of the most extraordinary phenomenons in the history of rock and metal,” with cult-like dedication, a generally “positive” attitude and a tendency to be “introspective, empathetic and intellectually curious.”

Indeed, admirers are inclined to place considerable weight on the group’s spiritual and academic aesthetics. Of course, they favor abstract/psychedelic imagery as well, and judging by the sometimes-lengthy gaps between studio LPs, they’re quite patient, too.

With that in mind, it’s time to see how you measure up to your Tool brethren. How? With the following 10 signs that you’ve been a Tool fan for a considerable amount of time (let’s say for 10,000 days or more).

10 Signs You’re a Fan of Tool