10 Years Rework 19 Songs for ‘Deconstructed’ Album, Reveal ‘Wasteland’ Alternate Take

At 20 years into your career, certain songs in your catalog can become a little way too familiar. But 10 Years are about to revise the way you think about some of their songs, preparing to release their upcoming album Deconstructed on March 4.

The album is a collection of familiar tracks from the band's catalog that have been reworked giving listeners 19 fresh alternate takes of fan favorites. And they're releasing the alternate take for their breakout song "Wasteland" today, which follows on the heels of the recently released and revised version of "The Unknown." Both can be heard at the bottom of this post.

Guitarist Brian Vodinh shares, “The idea for Deconstructed started out as just an acoustic performance, myself and Matt with acoustic guitars, and nothing beyond that in terms of instrumentation. Then, as I was working on adapting some of the songs to an acoustic environment, I started getting these thoughts, like, ‘What if this was played on a piano instead?!’ Then once we opened the door to further instrumentation things spiraled out of control quickly, and it became one of the most challenging, yet most gratifying projects we have taken on. Deconstructed allows the listener to discover this list of songs all over again, in a new way."

Singer Jesse Hasek adds, “The Deconstructed versions of these songs really hit me in an emotional way. It felt different to sing over the orchestrations that Brian and Matt had created for these. It felt really intimate, and like they had really carved a path for where my voice was to sit on those arrangements. I hope people can listen to these versions and find the spirit in them that we were trying to convey.”

The full track listing and artwork can be viewed below. Pre-orders are available here. And be sure to look for the band on tour this spring. Learn more about that at this location.

10 Years, "Wasteland" (Alternate Take)

10 Years, "The Unknown" (Alternate Take)

10 Years, Deconstructed Artwork + Track Listing

Mascot Label Group
Mascot Label Group

1. Waking Up (Alternate Take)
2. Halos (Alternate Take)
3. Patiently (Alternate Take)
4. Lucky You (Alternate Take)
5. Seasons to Cycles (Alternate Take)
6. Survivors (Alternate Take)
7. Running in Place (Alternate Take)
8. Knives (Alternate Take)
9. Soma (Alternate Take)
10. Fix Me (Alternate Take)
11. Fault Line (Alternate Take)
12. 11:00am (Daydreamer) (Alternate Take)
13. Planets I (Alternate Take)
14. Dying Youth (Alternate Take)
15. Say Goodbye (Alternate Take)
16. I Wish (Alternate Take)
17. One More Day (Alternate Take)
18. The Unknown (Alternate Take)
19. Wasteland (Alternate Take)

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