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22 Bands That Thrived With Their Second Singer

22 Bands That Thrived With Their Second Singer

While many musicians certainly have their own distinct “voice” when playing their instruments, actual singing voices are incredibly unique. So, when it comes to replacing a vocalist within a band, things can get really tricky.

It usually goes one of two ways — a replacement singer can either take the band in an entirely new direction in terms of success, or they may not. Regardless, a ton of groups have done it, and some aren’t so obvious, as they may have only gotten popular once they had a different vocalist.

Van Halen, for example, were extremely successful with David Lee Roth, but also enjoyed a terrific run with Sammy Hagar.

We compiled a list of bands who essentially had positive careers with their second singers. That isn’t to say they were any more or less successful once they found a replacement, just that they were able to make it work. Also, some groups had multiple singers before even putting out an official release, so we gave them a shout out, but only counted the singers who were featured in the band’s actual discography.

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Scroll through the gallery below to see 22 bands that thrived with their second singer.

22 Bands That Thrived With Their Second Singer

Sometimes, change proves to be good.

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Schaffner

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