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23 Facts About Jelly Roll That You Might Not Know

23 Facts About Jelly Roll That You Might Not Know

By now everyone knows Jelly Roll went to prison, but did you know his worst day behind bars lasted six months?

This list of 23 stunning Jelly Roll facts includes the verified truth about his raising, his checkered past, his marriage and the people he’s closest to today.

Some of these facts make it even more remarkable that in 2024 he presents as an optimist.

This singer has been beat up, insulted, imprisoned and spit on (figuratively, put perhaps literally, too), but came out smiling. It’s rare you’ll hear him complain about anything or anyone. Professionally, he’s as driven as Garth Brooks was three decades ago, and he’s started to collect the rewards that come with so much hard work.

Who Is Jelly Roll? 

Jelly Roll’s real name is Jason DeFord, and he was born in Nashville on Dec. 4, 1984. He grew up in a home shattered by divorce and addiction in an area of town (Antioch) that earned a reputation for trouble.

By the time he was a teenager, he was on the streets dealing drugs. That caught up with him, and he’s described his actions and consequences in detail during interviews and his Save Me documentary on Hulu.

Picture of Jelly Roll with wife Bunnie Xo

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After a career as an independent rap and rock artist, he came to country music with “Son of a Sinner” in 2021. That song soared to No. 1, and he has followed it up with two more, “Need a Favor” and “Save Me.” His wife Bunnie Xo came into view during this time, as well. Naturally, fans began wanting to know about his children.

Few would argue that commercial success caused Jelly Roll to forget where he came from. Several of the facts below refer to his charitable efforts, while others leave space that we can now fill in after the bad thing is a memory.

Scroll down to learn more truths about Jelly Roll, or watch the above video for a more immersive experience.

Jelly Roll: 23 Stunning Facts About the ‘Save Me’ Singer

Jelly Roll is country music’s most fascinating character. His life has taken dozens of wild twists and turns, and he’s been honest about all of it. Here are 23 facts about the “Save Me” singer and his family.

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