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25 Rockers Who Have Appeared in Reality TV Shows

25 Rockers Who Have Appeared in Reality TV Shows

Reality TV often gets a bad rap, but it can honestly be pretty entertaining — especially when your favorite rock stars are featured in it.

Ozzy Osbourne and his family basically invented the notion of rocker reality shows with The Osbournes back in the early 2000s. Later, a couple of other rock royalty families followed suit, such as Gene Simmons' and his gang on Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Reality TV is great because it allows viewers to step inside the "private" lives of people. It's not acting, although there is debate as to whether certain programs are scripted or not. But, it tends to be funny, and allows fans to feel more connected with the lives of the people they look up to.

There are shows about anything you can think of, from tattoo competitions (Ink Master) to piling a bunch of musicians into a house together with the task of creating an album in a given timeframe (Supergroup) to televised rehabs (Celebrity Rehab). A ton of musicians have given tours of their luxurious homes on MTV Cribs at one point or another.

Sadly, a lot of these shows aren't around anymore, but many of them can still be viewed on the internet thanks to YouTube and other archived sources. Check out the gallery below to see rockers who've appeared in reality TV shows.

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