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6 Insane Shred Guitar Solos by Sammy Boller

6 Insane Shred Guitar Solos by Sammy Boller

While we often celebrate the works of great guitarists from the past on Loudwire's Gear Factor, it's also important to spotlight the next generation. Here, our focus turns to Sammy Boller, who released his killer debut instrumental album Kingdom of the Sun in 2020.

“I first started playing music when I was four or five years old and my parents put me in piano lessons, but after a few years I discovered rock and metal and I really wanted to learn how to play guitar," says Boller. He reveals Randy Rhoads as one of his earliest influences, stating, "I not only loved his amazing riffs and solos, but I really loved how he had a classical guitar influence on what he did.” Check out Sammy electrifying us all with his performance of Rhoads' solo from Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Crowley."

"He’s just been a total hero of mine for years, almost my whole life," the guitarist says about Eddie Van Halen. "Obviously the past couple of months since he’s passed have been tough on a lot of fans and musicians and guitarists, but I know for myself that I haven’t really been able to listen to Van Halen or play. I’m going to try to now in honor of him.” Boller then wows us with the blistering solo from "Hot for Teacher."

The guitarist serves up parts from more guitar gods who delivered his favorite solos, including Megadeth's Marty Friedman and another Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, Zakk Wylde. He even pulls out something a little more modern – Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti's guitar solos from Alter Bridge's "Blackbird."

“So over time if you play and play and play some of your influences may come out in your own music. So I figured I’d just show you a solo off an album I just released called Kingdom of the Sun and maybe you can pick up some of the influences from some of the guitar players I just showed you,” says Boller, who serves up the title track from the Kingdom of the Sun album.

If you want to learn more about this up-and-coming guitarist, we suggest you pick up Sammy Boller's Kingdom of the Sun album, which is available right here (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases). Check out Boller's full Gear Factor episode below.

Sammy Boller Plays His Favorite Guitar Solos