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A Killer’s Confession Drop Pulse-Pounding New Song ‘Remember’

A Killer’s Confession Drop Pulse-Pounding New Song ‘Remember’

Life is never just one thing, and A Killer's Confession are here to remind of us that with their new single and video for "Remember."  The Waylon Reavis-led group have dropped a new pulse-pounder that will lead the way for their third studio album coming later this year.

Reavis co-wrote "Remember" with Ra vocalist and co-producer Sahaj Ticotin. It's a heavy rocker with a hypnotic guitar line, a pulsing low end and plenty of space for Reavis to explore the angst of the track. Have a listen by checking out the video at the bottom of this post.

The former Mushroomhead vocalist tells Loudwire of the track, "Sometimes in life people are quick to forget the good and the bad. We all need to be reminded from time to time where the line in the sand is truly drawn."

The song is accompanied by a striking backdrop, fitting the mood of the track. The band set up shop at the Old Joliet Prison with director Wombat Fire and kept things in the family with a guest turn from Reavis' wife, Julie Reavis, in the video.

"It is a post-apocalyptic Snow White," says Waylon. "I gave full reigns to Wombat Fire to create what he wanted for this video. He did an absolutely amazing job. I always love seeing an interpretation of what I have set forth with my art with someone else’s art."

Reavis and his cohorts Tommy Church, JP Cross and Morgan Bauer have been hard at work on a new A Killer's Confession album.

Reavis revealed in December that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer, something that his father also had that claimed his life at age 58. During a December livestream, the vocalist stated of the upcoming album, “A couple of songs are about my cancer and about my father. Those songs mean a lot to me. I cannot wait for everyone to hear them! I’m really excited about this one. Every album I write is different and will never be the same as the others. This one is both heavy and melodic. I took myself back to my roots. It’s what the fans want, so I always like to give them what they have been waiting to hear."

Though an official release date or title have yet to be announced, fans can look for the band's third release coming via Wake Up Music Rocks later this year. In the meantime, you can pre-order "Remember" right here.

And stay up to date with A Killer's Confession via their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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