A Wilhelm Scream Fire Up First Song in Nine Years, ‘Be One to No One’

Welcome back, A Wilhelm Scream. The fiery punk rock outfit are back just shy of a decade without new music. The band has just released their first new track in nine years, a pulse-pushing new song called "Be One to No One." Take a listen and check out the lyric video below.

The track was recorded at the group's Anchor End Studios in New Bedford, Mass., unleashing all kinds of angst that was built up in a cathartic release of anxiety, pain and self doubt.

“This song, like most journeys, can’t be fully appreciated until you’ve come to the end,” vocalist Nuno Pereira said. “Only then do you truly get a chance to unpack all of the ups and downs you’ve survived along the way. Enjoy the ride my friends, thrive and never give up.”

Get a closer look at the lyrics and if you like what you hear, the song is available via streaming platforms here.

A Wilhelm Scream, "Be One To No One" Lyrics

I've been overwhelmed with doubt and stress
I wanna make sense of this
But I'm broken in the brain

Depression's got me like a kick in the dick.
Feeling incredulous, defeated.
Like when Warren G said "I'm like damn what's next"
It's called dwindling prospects.

That fortune smiles on me.

Back when you found me I was stuck in existential dread
Said fuck it, now I smile back at the leviathan.

Charmed by a snake's toxicity.
Learned that the hard way.

You got to be one to no one.

Now I'm alive!
I feel your energy.
Look up! I'll have 'em sayin' "what's that!?"
To furious applause
Cuz I'm alive!
Appreciate the honesty, but take whatcha think of me
Hit the bricks. Sayonara. So long.
I'm alive!
No other would I wanna be…

Easier said than done for you and I.
Broken in the brain.

You've got to be one to know one.
That fortune smiles on me.

Some days you'll find me undeniably knockin' all 'em dead.
Sometimes I lie awake all night. I can't get outta the bed.
But I'm alive!
Watching the sun comin' up
But I don't feel like a waste
I'm no longer a drain
I am alive!
You had my back and honestly,
You couldn't matter more to me.
And that ain't no lie

Oh, obsessing over toxic shi-
It never made me no cents!
But the love I got from you came with interest
And I'm thankful for all of it.
You've got to be one to no one.

You got to be one to no one.

A Wilhelm Scream, "Be One to No One"

At present, "Be One to No One" serves as a stand-alone track. While a new album has not been announced as of yet, the arrival of a fresh song is promising and the band has stated more announcements will come throughout 2022. You can also look for A Wilhelm Scream returning to the road in February. See all of their dates, cities and venues listed and get ticketing info here.

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