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Aaron Lewis Gets Wasted Onstage, Accidentally Performs ‘It’s Been Awhile’ Twice

Aaron Lewis Gets Wasted Onstage, Accidentally Performs ‘It’s Been Awhile’ Twice

Aaron Lewis performed in Delaware last night (July 21) accidentally playing the Staind mega hit “It’s Been Awhile” twice while admittedly wasted onstage.

Lewis rocked up to Delaware (Joe Biden’s home state) wearing a “Fuck Biden” shirt and “Impeach Biden” hat. The musician’s set comprised of mostly solo songs, including the new No. 1 country hit “Am I the Only One,” which disses left-leaning musician Bruce Springsteen and challenges the removal of Confederate monuments. However, Staind’s biggest song got its own accidental encore during Lewis’ Dewey Beach gig.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind Lewis playing “It’s Been Awhile” a second time, singing along with the modern rock classic just as fervently as Lewis’ first take. Deep into the song, though, Lewis stopped playing to address the crowd. “You know what I’m realizing right this second? That I’m drunk enough that I should be playing ‘Outside’ right now,” Lewis said. “And instead I’m playing the fuckin’ song I already played tonight, which means I might be slightly over served.”

“I’ll hear about that one tomorrow,” the musician said after taking another sip of beer. “Actually, I’m gonna call you out and we’ll see whether you guys out me tomorrow for that. So I guess we’ll just see how much y’all love me, ‘cause no one else except everybody in this room just saw that happen, so you can give me a free pass. It is entirely and totally up to you, so we’ll see whether I’m hiding my face in shame tomorrow, ‘cause I have definitely seen a whole lot of cameras recording this, which… super comfortable.”

Lewis then launched into “Outside,” finishing the song before saluting the crowd with another sip of beer. Check out the fan-shot footage below.

“Its Been Awhile (2nd Time) & Outside” Aaron Lewis @ Bottle N Cork Dewey Beach, DE 7/21/21

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