Annihilator Power New Song ‘Couple Suicide’ With Special Guests Danko Jones + Angela Gossow

Annihilator will release their new album Metal II tomorrow (Feb. 18), but not before giving us one more taste of what's to come from their forthcoming record. In anticipation, fans can digest the powerful new song "Couple Suicide" which features guest backing vocals from Danko Jones and former Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow.

"I'm a big fan of Danko and Angela," said Annihilator's Jeff Waters. "Danko and I have written songs over the years. He is a badass rocker meets punk rocker with a bit of pop and metal in there, plus he's a nice guy! He and I discussed doing a project/record together someday!"

As for Gossow, he added, "Angela was the vocal queen of her genre and I loved her in Arch Enemy. It's such a conflicting, 'opposite end of the spectrum' vocal pairing, that it has to be cool! And it is!"

The track itself starts off a little more melodic, before digging in with some muscular guitar riffs that really propel the momentum of the song. Jones and Gossow come in about midway into the song with both their clean and guttural vocals.

As for their lyrical narrative, the song follows the story of a doomed relationship, told from the perspective of someone hoping to find a solution. Take a listen to the track in full via the lyric video at the bottom of this post.

"Couple Suicide" is featured on Annihilator's Metal II album that arrives tomorrow (Feb. 18). The album also features guest turns from Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Cross drummer Dave Lombardo and Into Eternity and Iced Earth singer Stu Block. Orders for the album are currently being taken here.

Annihilator, "Couple Suicide" Featuring Danko Jones + Angela Gossow

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