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Attack Attack! Continue Their Shift Away From Metalcore With ‘Full EDM’ Song

Attack Attack! Continue Their Shift Away From Metalcore With ‘Full EDM’ Song

Since reuniting last year, “crabcore” pioneers Attack Attack! have mostly eschewed the metalcore affectations that first brought them to popularity. That shift continues on “Fade With Me,” a new Attack Attack! song billed as a “full EDM” tune. It emerged on Wednesday (July 14).

But just how dedicated are Attack Attack to their pursuit of electronic dance music? So much so that the Ohio-born outfit premiered the new track on, a music news website that focuses on — you guessed it — writers and performers of electronic dance music.

Listen to the song down toward the bottom of this post.

Calling Attack Attack! “one of the most beloved metalcore groups of the mid-2000s,” describes “Fade With Me” as a “crossover banger” with “haunting keys and crisp vocals, which builds to an aggressive drop oozing with melodic bass flair.”

To wit, “as many bass music fans know,” the site posits, “the nexus of metalcore to dance music is a very real thing. While Attack Attack! are still actively releasing rock music, other acts like Breathe Carolina, Adventure Club, Zedd and most famously Skrillex have roots in the world of metal.”

Back in the day, Attack Attack! released the albums Someday Came Suddenly (2008), Attack Attack! (2010) and This Means War (2012) before taking a reprieve in 2013. Since their 2020 comeback, they’ve issued the consecutive standalone singles “All My Life,” “Kawaii Cowboys,” “Brachyura Bombshell” and this week’s EDM exploration. The group currently comprises guitarist Andrew Whiting, drummer Andrew Wetzel, singer Chris Parketny and bassist Cameron Perry.

“Fade With Me” hits music streaming services this Friday (July 16).

Attack Attack!, “Fade With Me”

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