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Avril Lavigne Recruits blink-182’s Mark Hoppus for New Song ‘All I Wanted’

Avril Lavigne Recruits blink-182’s Mark Hoppus for New Song ‘All I Wanted’

Avril Lavigne teams up with blink-182's Mark Hoppus to deliver a pop-punk heartbreaker of nostalgic proportions on "All I Wanted," a cut from Lavigne's new album Love Sux, out on Friday (Feb. 25).

The release of "All I Wanted" follows Love Sux singles "Love It When You Hate Me" (featuring blackbear) and "Bite Me." The album was produced by blink's Travis Barker with John Feldmann and MOD SUN, Lavigne's current love interest. Barker also plays drums on the effort that emerged through his DTA Records.

Listen to "All I Wanted" and read the song's lyrics down near the bottom of this post.

But that's not all Lavigne has planned with Hoppus. She recently spoke about getting the blink-182 bassist-vocalist involved in the upcoming movie adaptation of her 2002 hit "Sk8er Boi."

Lavigne told ET Canada on Wednesday (Feb. 22), "I am definitely hitting up my musician friends to make cameos in this. … I was talking to Mark Hoppus the other day. I was like, 'Mark, you have to make a cameo in my Sk8er Boi movie,' and he was like, 'I'm in!' … I felt like he could be like a cool teacher or something in it."

Last year, Hoppus overcame cancer after making his diagnosis known in June. As for if a blink-182 reunion with the band's estranged guitarist Tom DeLonge is on the horizon, last November, DeLonge suggested his return to the group is only a matter of time.

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Avril Lavigne feat. Mark Hoppus, "All I Wanted" Lyrics

I was always crushing on the wrong boys
I was always yelling
When I should've been sitting down
Memories of cigarettes and Polaroids
Kiss you in the kitchen
Of a house that burned down
I remember waiting on the sunrise
And I'll be ready
Waiting till you come back around

All I wanted was you
Let's do whatever it takes
Me and you, we can't lose
I'll take you away from here
From the city that never loved you
From the town I always hated
Me and you, we can't lose

All that I wanted was you

I would always fuck around and find out
You were always saying
I would crash down someday
I would have to pass out
On my friend's couch
We were up all night
So we slept all day
I remember waiting on the sunrise
And I'll be right here waiting
Till you come back around

And maybe it was for the best
You used to call me useless
We're floating to the nothingness
Because after all, the truth is
The only things we leave behind
Are noise and absolution
I act like everything is fine
But I'm plotting revolution

Avril Lavigne feat. Mark Hoppus, "All I Wanted" Lyric Video

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