Bad Wolves Address Tommy Vext’s Alleged ‘Abusive Behavior,’ Announce New Album Release

Bad Wolves have spent a good portion of the year working on new music, and they've revealed that their Dear Monsters album is complete and ready for release on Oct. 29. However, part of a newly posted message from the band announcing the album also addresses their ongoing conflict with former vocalist Tommy Vext as well.

In the new message, the band reveals that they've "largely stayed silent" where Vext is concerned, focusing their time on completing their new album. They also reveal the first song from that record, "Lifeline," will arrive this Wednesday (Sept. 8).

The group also addresses Vext's continued "temper tantrums on social media," laying out three instances of incidents with the singer that they wanted to clarify with fans before moving forward. Bad Wolves entire message can be viewed below.

Since Tommy Vext quit Bad Wolves in January, we have all largely stayed silent.

We were prioritizing our search for a new singer, making music and focusing on the band's future. We have all put a tremendous amount of heart and soul into Bad Wolves, and owed it to our fans to make a third album that is the band's best yet.

We are happy to share that we've accomplished that and we can't wait for you to hear it.

The album is called Dear Monsters and it will be out Oct. 29. The first single, called 'Lifeline,' is coming out this Wednesday, Sept. 8, with a new music video. It will be the first taste of the next chapter with our new singer DL, who is an incredible talent and welcome addition to the band.

We think our fans will appreciate the renewed energy and range he brings to Bad Wolves.

It's unfortunate we must bear witness to Tommy Vext's never ending temper tantrums on social media, filled with fraudulent claims and sad attempts to defame members of our band and our team. The truth is that Tommy was abusive – both emotionally and physically – while in the band, and he continues to be abusive since quitting the group. He has childishly asserted many falsehoods. Refuting them all would be a waste of time and divert our energy from making music, which is our priority. However, we will not stand for our artistic contributions to be diminished, so here are some points that we feel are important to clarify before we move ahead with the next chapter:

  • Ten of the 13 songs on our first album Disobey were musically written and recorded before Tommy ever joined the band.
  • "Killing Me Slowly" is an example of a song done in collaboration with outside writers. Tommy changed a few lyrics and the publicly claimed to be the mastermind behind the song. That is false, which is why others, including members from the band, are credited on the track.
  • When we were shooting the video for "Better Off This Way (featuring Dorothy)" [a song co-written by Doc Coyle, John Boecklin and Brandon Sammons], Tommy refused to let any other members be in the video. Then, to make matters worse, he illegally leaked it after quitting the band.

Bad Wolves is and will remain a creative collective, where no one member, inside or outside the band, holds the key to the group's success.

– Bad Wolves.

In the time since his exit from the band, Vext filed a lawsuit against former manager Allen Kovac, alleging claims of racism as well. Kovac later responded to the lawsuit and late last month Better Noise Music filed a lawsuit against Vext accusing the singer of infringing upon the label's intellectual property by posting unreleased recordings without permission and trying to hamper the Bad Wolves trademark. Recently Vext also promoted his own tour using the moniker B@D W8LV3S.

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