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Beartooth Release ‘Below’ Deluxe With Two New Bonus Tracks

Beartooth Release ‘Below’ Deluxe With Two New Bonus Tracks

Beartooth recently released the deluxe version of their most recent album Below. The deluxe version features two new bonus tracks, "Fighting Back" and "Permanently Sealed," as well as a reimagined version of "Skin (Alternate Universe Version)." You can listen to the deluxe album towards the end of this page.

In addition, the deluxe version includes live recordings of all 17 tracks from the Live From The Journey Below livestream, which was recorded at the Clyde Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana, back in July.

Vocalist Caleb Shomo spoke about the two new tracks in a press release.

"'Fighting Back' and 'Permanently Sealed' are undoubtedly experimental songs for Beartooth," he says. "I really tried to push the boundaries of what I'm doing with guitar, what I'm doing with my voice, and what I'm doing with the songwriting. The outcome may not have made the first cut of the album, but I think they're definitely worth hearing and play a big role in how the record ended up turning out."

He also spoke about the reimagined version of "Skin."

"I think it can be really easy to get lost in taking yourself too seriously. And 'Skin (Alternate Universe)' is ultimately about having fun. I really wanted to take a song that was incredibly dark and put a really light twist on it and do something that Beartooth would never normally do, totally focused towards our diehard fans that have been with us and could use something a little bit lighter."

Beartooth, Below (Deluxe)

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