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Best New Rock + Metal Songs of August – Staff Favorites + Essential Listening

Best New Rock + Metal Songs of August – Staff Favorites + Essential Listening

Here are the best rock and metal songs of August, 2022!

It was the most stacked month of new music so far this year with some seriously huge acts all dropping fresh tunes. Even so, plenty of newcomers and other artists dominated our listening habits this month. Beyond all the essentials, the Loudwire staff has made selections for their own personal favorites from August and it's possible you may have missed some of these. There's literally hundreds of new songs coming out each week, but nothing was as good as what you'll find below!

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You know these bands and you probably heard these songs the instant they came out — midnight Spotify lurkers, we see you. These were the songs that kept August roaring:

Alter Bridge, “Silver Tongue"
Anti-Flag, “The Fight For Our Lives” (ft. Tim McIlrath)
Architects, “Deep Fake”
Autopsy, “Skin By Skin”
Behemoth, “Thy Becoming Eternal”
Bloodbath, “Carved” (ft. Luc Lemay)
Candlemass, “Scandinavian Gods”
Clutch, “Slaughter Beach”
Demon Hunter, “Heaven Don’t Cry”
Electric Callboy, “Hurrikan”
Exhumed, "Drained of Color"
Five Finger Death Punch, “The End”
Highly Suspect, “New California”
Holding Absence, “Coffin”
In Flames, “The Great Deceiver”
Megadeth, “Soldier On!”
Nothing More, “You Don’t Know What Love Means”
Oceano, “Mass Produced”
Panic! At the Disco, “Local God”
Razor, “Flames of Hatred”
Red Fang, “Endless Sea”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Tippa My Tongue”
Revocation, “Re-Crucified” (ft. Corpsegrinder and Trevor Strnad)
Slaughter to Prevail, “1984”
Sleeping With Sirens, “Let You Down” (ft. Charlotte Sands)
Slipknot, “Yen”
Sodom, “1982”
Stratovarius, “Firefly”
The Mars Volta, “Sigil”
The Struts, “Fallin’ With Me”
Various Members (Motley Crue, Asking Alexandria, Ice Nine Kills, From Ashes to New), “The Retaliators Theme (21 Bullets)”
Wolfheart, “The King”
Yungblud, “The Emperor”


The stuff Loudwire's team has been obsessed with.

Graham Hartmann

BAND: The Chats
SONG: “Out on the Street”

After the untimely death of Steve Irwin, Australia yearned for a new cultural ambassador who could captivate folks ‘round the globe. Enter the Chats in 2017 with their viral hit “SMOKO” and suddenly punk fans around the world learned about the Australian smoke break custom. “Out on the Street” doesn’t educate about working class Aussies like “Pub Feed” or “6L GTR,” but it’s still a straightforward pub rock banger.

BAND: Blackbraid
SONG: “Sacandaga”

Native American black metal? Of course! If you’re into black metal inspired by the deep, deep woods, plus the integration of traditional folk music, I heavily recommend Blackbraid. From the Adirondack Mountains, this solo project from musician Sgah'gahsowah is a fantastic blend of Wolves in the Throne Room mixed with Nachtmystium and black ‘n’ roll.

Lauryn Schaffner

BAND: Black Honey
SONG: “Charlie Bronson”

One of the things that’s drawn me to Black Honey over the years is their vintage sound and aesthetic, but “Charlie Bronson” takes things a step further, specifically in its lyrics. A quick google search of the name and you’ll come across the American actor who starred in a lot of western and war films — but that’s not the Charlie Bronson Black Honey are referring to in the song. Rather, the title was inspired by a British criminal who was dubbed “Britain’s most notorious prisoner.” The track represents singer Izzy Baxter Phillips’ anger toward societal expectations of women, which a lot of us can relate to today.

BAND: The Beefs
SONG: “In the Blood”

During the summertime, I usually like to listen to songs that are more on the fun and upbeat side than the majority of what I normally listen to. I’d never heard of The Beefs before, but the band name alone already gives you an idea that they’re a band that fits into that category. “In the Blood” is the type of clap-and-singalong song that I’d play sitting around a campfire with a group of friends. It’s simple and catchy, and it’s the type of tune that shows you that music doesn’t have to be complex and layered for it to be enjoyable.

Joe DiVita

BAND: Gospelheim
SONG: “Satan Blues”

When I first heard this song from British dark rock legion Gospelheim, I was honestly pretty confused. Rock ‘n’ roll with blackened overtones (even blast beats), totally upbeat, lyrically quite positive (if you love the Devil, of course) and a chorus that sounds like Pet Shop Boys covering Rush, if only because the singer reminds me just slightly of Geddy Lee. Fortunately for me, that’s a pretty idealistic cross-section.

Whatever is going on here, I’m hooked and can’t wait to hear all of Gospelheim’s Ritual and Repetition album, due Oct. 21.

BAND: Cavernous Gate
SONG: “Old Graves Stir”

Blackened doom metal is among the most rare styles of metal and Germany’s Cavernous Gate, comprised solely of multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Körkemeier, have made an immediate impact as we approach the Oct. 14 release of the Voices From a Fathomless Realm debut. “Old Graves Stir” is nearly nine-and-a-half minutes of hypnotic doom in many forms, with haunting, reverb-soaked clean vocals, atmospheric dive bombs and dissonant melodies.

BAND: The Native Howl
SONG: “Sons of Destruction”

At a time where there’s more new albums coming out than ever before and the white noise of it all is utterly deafening, it can’t be understated how damn refreshing it is to hear a band tinkering with an entirely fresh and original sound.

And that’s exactly what earned The Native Howl their victory on the all-original band competition show ‘No Cover,’ which aired earlier this year. When Alice Cooper’s eyes go wide and he realizes he’s never heard something like “thrash grass,” the group’s signature sonic cocktail of thrash metal and bluegrass, you know you’re onto something.

“Sons of Destruction” is the first post-victory single and highlights The Native Howl’s brilliant arrangement skills as this song packs plenty of unexpected turns to create a thrilling journey.

I never thought I’d pick a track with banjo on it, but here I am! Well done, gents.

Todd Fooks

BAND: Drowning Pool
SONG: “Mind Right”

Texas-metal stompers Drowning Pool were forced to wait a while for their latest music to see the light of day. They started writing their new record in 2017, recording in 2019, then, COVID. Three years later, their album Strike a Nerve is set for a September 2022 release and their first single from it aptly sums up the frustration of the past few years. “Mind Right” is a first-stage rocket blast on cancel-culture and musically echoes heavy metal legends Pantera. Face, melted.

BAND: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
SONG: “Ain’t None Watered Down”

This Nashville rock band has successfully mined the guts of American rock over a decade for some mainstream success and developed a hardcore fan base in the process. Tyler Bryant says their latest album and single are a throwback to “their initial roots as a band… Steeped in low down blues and rock ’n’ roll.” You’ll need a finger or two of warm whisky to chase the grit outta your mouth from “Ain’t None Watered Down.” Their full length Shake The Roots is out on Sept. 9.

Rabab Al-Sharif

*Please excuse my brief explanations. I was out of office in the mountains with limited internet, but still wanted to shout out some new music from the month.

BAND: Foreign Hands
SONG: “Chlorine Tears”

FFO: Both screaming AND crying.

SONG: “Whatever”

FFO: Things that are stupid — but in a good way.

Chad Childers

BAND: Armor for Sleep
SONG: “Whatever, Who Cares”

Welcome back Armor for Sleep! The post-hardcore rockers had a pretty promising run in the first decade of the 2000s with standout cuts such as “Hold the Door,” “Williamsburg” and “Car Underwater,” but disbanded in 2009. They surprisingly returned earlier this year with “How Far Apart,” their first single in 15 years and have now followed that with “Whatever, Who Cares,” a song about coming to terms with your own self-inflicted wounds. Perhaps their second act can eclipse their first era. “Whatever, Who Cares” just adds to a good start for a band who hung it up too early.

BAND: Fidlar

Not since Fred Durst encouraged us to “Break Stuff” has there been a song that so best encapsulates the angst of just needing to unleash your frustrations like Fidlar’s “FSU.” And no kiddies, we’re not talking about Florida State University here. Singer Zac Carper sums it up ever so aggressively, belting, “I’ve been waking up / Getting so fucked up / Yeah, I’m all fucked up / Trying to fuck shit up.” Add in some sharp guitar and drum work to accentuate the aggression, throw in some distortion and let the venting begin!

BAND: Me Like Bees
SONG: “Radio”

Using aughts guitar-driven rockers White Stripes, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand as a starting point, upstarts Me Like Bees feel on the verge of a radio breakout with a song aptly titled “Radio.” The track speaks about finding escapism amidst life’s troubles, and fittingly this song helps you do exactly that. So like the song suggests, put your headphones on and we’ll bet you want to play this one over and over.

BAND: Nuffer
SONG: “Deadbeat”

“Gonna tell my kids this was Wheatus!” Kidding, of course. But much like Wheatus found something relatable in being a “teenage dirtbag” at the turn of the century, self-described recovering masochist Nuffer has tapped into something with the instantly catchy and self-deprecating “Deadbeat” off his debut A-OK EP. This fun listen will surely transport you back in time.

Philip Trapp

BAND: Ends of Sanity
SONG: "Far Below"

Let's talk about North Carolina hardcore. One of the Tar Heel State's latest upstarts is the band Ends of Sanity, who last year released a self-titled EP. It was effortlessly listenable, all steeped in bouncy beatdown HxC. But it sounded a bit too much like Advent, perhaps N.C.'s most enduring underground metalcore act. This summer, however, Ends of Sanity showed their growth with "Far Below," which takes them out from under such a prominent shadow. They may be named after a Metallica song, but testing their boundaries — and not necessarily sticking to a worn path — is what will help Ends of Sanity make a lasting mark in hardcore. Fortuitously, they're getting further away from what they know, even if it is far below.

BAND: L.S. Dunes
SONG: "Permanent Rebellion"

It's an understatement to say that Anthony Green's vocals are unmistakable. That tone, the timbre, the turns of phrase — longtime emo, punk and indie listeners know the Circa Survive and Saosin singer as soon as he opens his mouth. Maybe that's what makes the debut single from the new rock supergroup L.S. Dunes so thrilling. If a Circa fan didn't know what they were hearing at first, they would likely still know it was Green. What they may not know, however, is that L.S. Dunes also includes Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), Tim Payne (Thursday) and Tucker Rule (Thursday). Wow — is it 2002, 2012 or 2022? Doesn't matter, let's scream our heads off.

BAND: Nita Strauss
SONG: "Summer Storm"

Nita Strauss has had a career-making summer in the pop music world by switching from being an Alice Cooper band member to a Demi Lovato band member. How's that for a swap? But the unstoppable rock guitarist hasn't forgotten her instrumental roots — she shreds with aplomb on the majestic "Summer Storm." It's her first solo single since joining up with Lovato. It's also a riveting follow-up to last year's "Dead Inside," the Strauss single featuring vocals by Disturbed singer David Draiman. Both point the way to an upcoming second solo album from the talented guitarist, which will likely be brimming with even more of her instrumental journeys plus additional guest vocalists. We can't wait.

Toni Gonzalez

BAND: Ayron Jones
SONG: “Filthy”

Ayron Jones’ debut album Child Of The State had him looking to his childhood for inspiration and although there is some of that on his follow up album, he told Loudwire Nights, "it's time to celebrate.” With his recent success and the general upward trajectory of his life, the musician wants to reflect that in his new songs. His latest "Filthy" is not only his way of having some fun, but it's intended to be an homage to his hometown and rock ’n’ roll in general. Where he's from (Seattle), filthy is a huge compliment, and the title fits not only the song but the musician and the man.

BAND: Architects
SONG: “Deep Fake”

Unfortunately, Architects had to cancel their U.S. fall tour due to "logistical issues,” but fortunately the new music keeps coming from the diverse Brits. Their new song is titled "deep fake" and it comes off their forthcoming 10th studio album "the classic symptoms of a broken spirit" which arrives Oct. 21. The band's frontman, Sam Carter has shared that the new music "feels more live, more exciting and more fun — it has that energy. We wanted it to be a lot more industrial and electronic." Mission accomplished. You can't tell me that breakdown isn't going to have people losing their ever-loving minds during the live show.

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