Brian May Helps Reunite Eight-Year-Old Boy With Lost Guitar

For those looking for a feel good story, here's something magnifco-oh-oh! Thanks to a collaborative effort that includes Queen guitar great Brian May, a young 8-year-old child has been reunited with his guitar after initially losing it near a subway station.

As the story goes, Emerson Liu Bancroft had lost his Alhambra classical guitar while taking public transportation, and it was later discovered by U.K. West End star Mazz Murray who decided to take it upon herself to track down the owner after discovering it was likely a child who had lost the instrument.

"Someone (a child) has lost this. I found this guitar outside Edgware Tube station. Some poor kid getting royally bollocked right now. Let’s try reunite them," wrote Murray, then tagging Queen's Brian May in her post.

May then took it one step further, using his social media to help spread the word. "Did anyone out there lose an acoustic guitar – in a case like this – outside #edgware (sorry – not Edgware Road ) tube station?" wrote May, then asking questions about the contents inside the case, May sought to see if he had a query that was legit.

It was through May's post that word eventually got back to Bancroft who was correctly able to identify his sheet music for the Harry Potter and Star Wars soundtracks. From there Bancroft met Murray at the Novello Theatre where Murray is currently starring in Mamma Mia! and the instrument was returned to the grateful aspiring musician.

May shared an update on the guitar's journey via his social media, explaining, "We DID manage to reunite the lost guitar with its owner – a young man called Emerson – who one day will surprise us all!! Thanks Evening Standard for this write-up. Thanks to the redoubtable @mazzmurray for actually powering this happy story – and thanks to all of you who helped spread the word. Social Media as a thing DOES have its good points."

When not doing good via social media, May has been prepping for his acting debut, appearing on an upcoming episode of the BBC kids TV series Andy and the Band. And yes, he's still got his day job on the horizon, as Queen will return to touring in late May. See their dates here.

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