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Bruce Dickinson Debuts Heavy Solo Song ‘Afterglow of Ragnarok’

Bruce Dickinson Debuts Heavy Solo Song ‘Afterglow of Ragnarok’

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has just released a theatrical music video for “Afterglow of Ragnarok,” the debut single from his first solo album since 2005, The Mandrake Project.

Written with longtime songwriting partner and bandmate Roy Z, “Afterglow of Ragnarok” is a thumping track anchored a burly, bruising yet boisterous riff and flanked by Dickinson’s still impressive vocal range and knack for shimmering hooks.

Dickinson has expressed that The Mandrake Project is more than just an album, with a companion graphic novel series arriving next year along with the record, which means “Afterglow of Ragnarok” will also have to be appreciated with proper context. Despite it’s non-epic runtime, the single certainly feels episodic with moody, mystical passages countering Roy Z’s bouncing riffs. You can pre-order “Afterglow of Ragnarok” here.

Watch the music video for “Afterglow of Ragnarok” below.

Bruce Dickinson, “Afterglow of Ragnarok”

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Bruce Dickinson + Iron Maiden in 2024

It will be a busy year for the 65-year-old Dickinson, balancing his solo pursuits alongside the demands of being in Iron Maiden.

As a solo artist (backed by a top-shelf band), the singer will tour around the globe with headline and festival dates all on the books. And next fall, North America will finally get its share of Maiden’s The Future Past tour, which launched in Europe earlier this year.

In addition to Dickinson’s The Mandrake Project graphic novels, Iron Maiden have one of their own on the way as well, also through Z2. Head here to learn more about the epic 40th anniversary Piece of Mind graphic novel, which even features a chapter written by Dickinson himself.

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