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Cardi B Tweeted About My Chemical Romance + The Band Responded

Cardi B Tweeted About My Chemical Romance + The Band Responded

Rapper Cardi B set the scene ablaze yesterday afternoon (March 15) after tweeting a brief clip of the video for My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)."

"They don't make music like this anymore," she wrote on Twitter, spurring a flurry of responses from the MCRmy (the name bestowed upon the most dedicated of My Chem fans) and it even caught the attention of the band. Guitarist Frank Iero appeared to be the first member of My Chemical Romance to see Cardi B's tweet, which he retweeted and expressed his gratitude by attaching a hands-up emoji sandwiched between two black hearts.

A few hours later, the My Chemical Romance page commented back, "Grazie mille Cardi!" The Italian phrase, which translates to "Thank you Cardi," is suspected to also be the work of Iero, who fans lightly poked fun at in subsequent comments. "Frank LOG OUT THE ACCOUNT," joked one fan while another said, "He makes being Italian his entire personality I swear."

Another quipped, "Frank don't be selfish you're not the only one running the account."

Back on Iero's page, things got really, really weird. It's not that hearing wildly opposing songs mashed up together is at all uncommon on the internet, but a skillful blend of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" and Cardi B's polarizing "WAP" is — frankly — not something we saw coming.

One Twitter user mentioned a remix of the two songs and the internet did what it does best and delivered on an oddity with a full-on mashup of the pair of tracks, which can be heard in the tweet below.

See more fan reactions below and catch My Chem on their long-awaited reunion tour at these dates later this year.

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