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Chris Cornell’s Final Photo Shoot Pics to Be Sold as NFTs

Chris Cornell’s Final Photo Shoot Pics to Be Sold as NFTs

Photos from Chris Cornell's final photoshoot are set to be minted and sold as part of a new NFT drop that kicks off tomorrow (Aug. 5).

"The Last Session" NFTs were taken by photographer Randall Slavin in 2017 just prior to the Soundgarden vocalist's death. After the musician passed, Slavin held onto the photos rather than publishing them and with the recent NFT fascination he's decided to mint them with the blessing of Cornell's widow, Vicky Cornell.

“Randall is like family,” Vicky Cornell said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “I’m so grateful that Chris’s last photoshoot was captured by not only an amazing photographer but a true friend. Phoenix House continues to do such crucial work especially during these times.”

“Chris was a powerful, beautiful person and someone I was fortunate to work and I’m very excited to immortalize these images as an NFT,” Slavin added.

There will be two NFTs auctioned via Cryptograph this Thursday (Aug. 5) at 12N ET. One is titled "Until We Disappear," and the Cryptograph description reads: "The starkness of this NFT-digitized photograph exquisitely captures Chris’s raw emotions. His penetrating gaze and piercing eyes elicit the alluring austerity of his deep soul. The image is further enhanced by the augmented cloud formations, conjuring up a vantage of an otherworldly dimension. The subtle adroitness of the effect affords the portrait a certain gravitas — one which he richly deserved."

The second NFT is titled "White Roses for My Soul to Keep," and is described by Cryptograph as follows: "By harnessing the fluidity of flip book form, these digitally-transformed NFTs seamlessly depict Cornell’s ethereal essence and wide-ranging breadth of emotions, all of which evoke a surreal, lifelike experience. The NFT features every single frame taken during the daylong shoot which combine to create a singular, one-of-a-kind work that celebrates the searing and soaring persona of the once-in-a-generation voice. Just as Cornell’s legacy has been crystallized, this Cryptograph, too, is aimed to attain a certain rarefied air and forever live on."

See some of the imagery from the photo shoot included in the NFTs below. A percentage of the revenue from the two NFT sales will be donated to the Phoenix House, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehab organization that Cornell supported in the past.

Chris Cornell NFT Photos

See photos from Chris Cornell’s last photo shoot

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