Code Orange Take Pride in ‘Doing Something That Bothers People’

Throughout heavy music history, whenever an artist breaks out of their underground scene, the other members of said scene tend to resent them. Code Orange don't mind getting backlash from their hardcore contemporaries, though, because they take pride in "rattling cages" and making people uncomfortable.

Jami Morgan hopped on a call with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez to discuss the band's latest endeavors, as well as how they've adapted to their rising success throughout their career.

"We've always been [the] odd man out. We've never really been the band that everybody wants to be friends with or pat on the back. There's been brief moments of time where we have been, though, on pretty much… our first two records that really start going," Morgan said of their place in the hardcore scene.

Morgan acknowledged that the band felt a bit of "shunning" from the "hardcore kids" in the scene, particularly with their I Am King (2014) and Forever (2017) albums, but they've never felt it as much as they do now.

"It's really not a thing to us. We wear it as a badge of honor, we take pride in it because we do feel like we're pushing it. We feel like we rattle cages, and we don't rattle cages for going out there and being idiots, we rattle cages for the the right reasons," the musician admitted. "It's because we're doing something that bothers people, and I like that. That's what the bands that I like and the great bands do, and there's not a lot of bands right now that do that. There's actually very, very, very few. It doesn't seem to be a very accepted thing to do, so that's what we do."

Code Orange will be heading out on tour in March with Korn and Chevelle, and then will venture out on their own headlining run the following month, with support from Loathe, Vended and Dying Wish. See all of the dates on their website.

To hear more about Code Orange's current happenings, including how Max Portnoy has been adjusting to his role as the band's drummer, tune into Loudwire Nights tonight at 7PM ET.

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