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Dave Grohl’s ‘Dream Widow’ Metal EP to Come Out Later This Month

Dave Grohl’s ‘Dream Widow’ Metal EP to Come Out Later This Month

A few weeks after the release of Foo Fighters' horror-comedy Studio 666, the fictional metal band featured in the movie, Dream Widow, will release an EP later this month. Plot twist — it's really Dave Grohl.

Back in February, Dream Widow's "March of the Insane" was unleashed, which is the track that Grohl discovers on tape in the spooky house they were staying in for the film.

"When we started writing the script, we had the idea of there being this epic metal opus that — once completed — would release the demon in the house,” Grohl told Variety prior to the release of Studio 666. “I said, ‘Oh, fuck, I’ve got a million riffs.’ So I recorded this 13- or 14-minute long instrumental just by myself that’s very metal, and it’s meant to be from the band Dream Widow. Then, I furthered that idea by making a whole record by Dream Widow that would be their lost album that they recorded before they were murdered.”

The EP will be this Friday, March 25. While it'll only be available digitally for now, a physical release is set to come out later this year.

Studio 666 was based on an actual supernatural experience that the Foos encountered while they were recording their Medicine at Midnight album in an old house in Encino, Calif. a few years ago. The movie hit the theaters Feb. 25, and while it didn't necessarily perform well in terms of box office sales, it's available now to stream on demand. Find out how you can check out the film for yourself here.

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