Dave Mustaine Doesn’t Use Music Theory to Compose Megadeth Music

Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro has uploaded a new YouTube video where he answers fan-submitted questions, including whether or not singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine uses music theory to compose the band's songs. You can watch the full video below.

He said that Mustaine doesn't use theory at all. "You have to understand that people are different," he explains. "A creator can play something and just imagine the mountain, the sea, the hell, a war… He can relate that riff to a machine gun or can relate that riff to a bomb exploding, in the case of Megadeth… So some people are like this. Some other people, they need the theory — they need the names, they need the things organized to make sense. So that's why some people really relate to the theory and love theory. I love theory. Some other people don't feel they need theory to compose, to create, because it's all about imagination," (as transcribed by Blabbermouth).

In a previous video, Loureiro detailed what he has learned from Mustaine through the years. "I learned watching him strive to be unstoppable, to be strong, to search for excellence, to demand excellence from everyone, and everyone delivers excellence, delivers their best," Loureiro explains.

When it comes to the music side, Loureiro explains learning "the thrash metal essence" and how to mix technical elements with a lot of energy. "I think I'm a way better rhythm player because of just hanging and playing with [Mustaine] for all those years — since 2015," he adds. "Also composing — he composes in a very different way than I do. And I think watching and learning from the way he does as well."

Kiko Loureiro on Dave Mustaine Using Music Theory

Kiko Loureiro on Lessons Learned From Dave Mustaine

Mustaine recently shared a clip of new Megadeth material, a song called "Life in Hell," in a Cameo clip for a fan. Fans are still waiting for the followup to 2016's Dystopia.

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