Dave Mustaine Shares Clip of New Megadeth Song ‘Life in Hell’

Megadeth fans have been hearing about the promise of a followup to 2016's Dystopia for a few years now. Some clips from the studio emerged early on in the writing and recording sessions and now Dave Mustaine has one more treat for everyone before 2021 expires — an audio clip of the new song "Life in Hell."

Earlier this year, Mustaine announced he had joined Cameo — a video service where celebrities can be paid to deliver personalized messages to a requested party — and he's successfully used it as the vessel for viral and tactical updates on the new Megadeth record, which is titled The Sick, The Dying and The Dead.

One lucky Cameo recipient — Gabe — got even more than expected as Mustaine elected to share a teaser clip from the forthcoming record. "I think that makes you the first person in the outside world — outside of the studio and the band and my family — that's heard any music from the new record," the Megadeth leader said after 12 seconds of "Life in Hell" played out.

And how does it sound? It's not really fair to judge an unheard album just from 12 seconds of music, but, well… it sounds like Megadeth! Mustaine has one of the most distinct riffing styles in all of metal and there's no mistaking the thrash legends for anyone else.

Listen to a bit of "Life in Hell," which Mustaine revealed comes second in the track listing, in the video below and look for The Sick, The Dying and The Dead to hopefully be released in the spring of next year.

Dave Mustaine Shares Clip of New Megadeth Song "Life in Hell"

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