Death Metal Buzz Band Undeath Debut ‘Rise From the Grave’ Song + Announce Second Album

Undeath, the death metal band formed in Rochester, New York in 2018, have generated considerable buzz early in their career and have just announced their second album, It's Time… To Rise From the Grave," in tandem with a music video for the gnarly new track, "Rise From the Grave."

"'Rise from the Grave' is Undeath refined to its deadliest aspects. Blood curdling vocals, bonesaw guitars, slamming bass, and skull crushing drums, fused with a focused hook that brings the decayed mass together as a banging death metal track. We hope you all enjoy, bang your head and scream along," said guitarist Kyle Beam of the band's first 2022 single.

No lie was spoken in that assessment. On Lesions of a Different Kind, their 2020 debut album and here on "Rise From the Grave," Undeath commit themselves to a classic death metal vision with a particular focus on songwriting that harkens back to the days where the genre was largely influenced by thrash and classic heavy metal to deliver unforgettable, timeless tracks.

"We knew we wanted to go kind of over-the-top with this video but still have it feel like something you might catch on Headbanger's Ball in the '90s," said vocalist Alexander Jones of the band's visual aim with "Rise From the Grave."

"Think [Cannibal Corpse's] 'Sentenced to Burn' or [Morbid Angel's] 'Rapture,'" he continued. "Luckily enough we met

Errick [Easterday] while we were recording the album and when it came time to start plotting out the video, we knew he was the guy for the job. I think the end result is a great little encapsulation of what our band is all about — big riffs and plenty of gore."

Watch the music video below and view the artwork and track listing for It's Time… To Rise From the Grave further down the page. The record is set for an April 22 release through Prosthetic Records and pre-orders can be placed here.

Undeath, "Rise From the Grave" Music Video

Undeath, It's Time… To Rise From The Grave Album Art + Track Listing

Undeath, ‘It’s Time… To Rise From the Grave’
Prosthetic Records

01. "Fiend For Corpses"
02. "Defiled Again"
03. "Rise From the Grave"
04. "Necrobionics"
05. "Enhancing the Dead"
06. "The Funeral Within"
07. "Head Splattered in Seven Ways"
08. "Human Chandelier"
09. "Bone Wrought"
10. "Trampled Headstones"

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