Disturbed’s David Draiman Has Officially Returned to Twitter

Disturbed's David Draiman is officially back on Twitter after leaving the popular social media platform in mid-2015.

Prompted to leave by contempt for user behavior on Twitter, which he felt was a "playground for trolls" that subjected all users to a stream of attacks from other users, the singer continuously vowed he was permanently done with the platform and, in a 2018 interview with Loudwire, reiterated what he perceived the pitfalls to be and said, "I'm never returning to Twitter."

That all changed on Dec. 31, when Draiman announced his return with a tweet that said, "Fuck it… … I'm back," alongside an emoji of a winking face and another of the devil horns hands gesture.

Now having tweeted quite frequently in the days since his return, the Disturbed frontman, who created this Twitter account in June of 2015, has mostly stuck to topical, socio-political posts and has shared original thoughts, captioned images of various sorts, and distributed news, much of which has seen a returned focus on combatting anti-semitism.

He has also used his platform to discuss his pro-vaccine viewpoints in regards to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, while fiercely rebuking comparisons of proof of vaccination to the Holocaust. The singer also addressed the discord in American politics and the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

In another post, his ire was directed at those who miss the toilet when they urinate, so it's a pretty wide range of what to expect from Draiman now that he's back on Twitter.

One week after going public on Twitter, Draiman clarified the reasons for his re-entry in a series of posts.

"Came back to Twitter because I was tired of watching from the sidelines for the last number of years. Yes, the world of social media is still a relative cess pool, but I figured maybe it was time to jump back in, only this time, with a hazmat suit on… lol," he wrote in his initial explanation post.

"Too much going on in the world that I care deeply about to not share it with everyone," he continued in a followup comment. "Too many things to call out, to both celebrate and condemn. Too much manipulation, too many people attacking one another, too much tribalism, and obnoxious virtue signaling."

He again attacked the the combative trend of Twitter users and stated, Too many rageaholic keyboard warriors out there using what should be, and can be, a medium that brings us together, to only make us feel more divided. Not me. Just truth, no bullshit, no troll wars. I will do my damndest to be a light in the darkness here."

These comments were made days after Draiman had issued one post, calling attention to "dipshits of the world" where he argued that screaming loud, being triggered and talking over people during debates makes you "a loud mouth FOOL."

See a sampling of the singer's recent Twitter activity further below.

David Draiman Is Back on Twitter — Select Tweets

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