Disturbed’s Mascot ‘The Guy’ Invades Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Mobile Game

Iron Maiden have welcomed another in-game collaboration, bringing Disturbed's mascot The Guy into battle in the Legacy of the Beast mobile game.

The limited-time appearance of The Guy follows in the footsteps of other rock and metal artists who have been featured as an in-game collaboration. First came Amon Amarth with a playable viking berserker character, followed by The Shadow Sorceress, which represented Lacuna Coil frontwoman Cristina Scabbia and, last fall, Papa Meritus IV of Ghost entered the arena.

Regarding the storyline for this collaboration, a press release states, "Cyborg Eddie and The Guy have been summoned through time and space to the Polvo V alley, a small town transformed into a hyper-sanitized, machine-driven industrial city, where Eddie and The Guy are dead-set on punishing the city’s corporate overlord – Brian Kek and confronting the CEO at Kek Tower before discovering the depth of his hubris."

Watch a video trailer for the latest high-profile character addition to Legacy of the Beast further down the page.

Commenting on this exciting opportunity, Disturbed singer David Draiman said, "Myself and the guys from Disturbed are humbled to be included in the Legacy of the Beast game. We feel that The Guy is a worthy addition to the saga and we’re very happy to be a part of it."

He continued, "When we first saw the first concept pieces of how he would be integrated into the game it was thrilling for all of us, it’s still kind of surreal! love that our dark messiah storyline from the Disturbed comic book series is being integrated into the video game series; I think they go hand and hand with one another. I love more people having the opportunity to play as The Guy … and battle the forces out there that deserve to have their asses handed to them."

Will Moore, CEO of Navigator Games which is the developer of Legacy of the Beast, offered, "We had such a positive response to our in-game band collaborations last year, we wanted to keep the momentum going into 2022. We have several surprises planned this year, and what better way to kick things off than by bringing Disturbed’s iconic mascot to life.? It was such a natural fit to include The Guy in Eddie’s world and have them battle the forces of evil together."

To download the free-to-play game, head here and, to see when Iron Maiden's 'Legacy of the Beast' North American tour stops near you later this year, head here.

Trailer: Disturbed's 'The Guy' Invades Iron Maiden's 'Legacy of the Beast' Game

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