Ed Sheeran + Bring Me the Horizon Make Good on New Version of ‘Bad Habits’

Earlier this month, pop star Ed Sheeran and Bring Me the Horizon had those attending the BRIT Awards buzzing with their unexpected collaboration on Sheeran's "Bad Habits" complete with an aggressive screaming conclusion from BMTH's Oli Sykes. Now Sheeran has teamed up with the band to record a new studio version of the song.

The collaboration has been gaining momentum since the award show appearance with Sykes and Sheeran teasing the potential pairing on social media earlier this week sharing their FaceTime call. And now the studio version has arrived.

Sheeran said, “I really enjoyed the show last week and I think people will really like the new version. Excited to get it out.”

Skyes added, “From receiving the email asking whether we’d like to open the Brits with Ed Sheeran to us chatting and bouncing ideas to rehearsing and then performing and now releasing, this has needless to say been pretty mental. But we are all about pushing the boundaries of our own and other genres, so this felt like the perfect challenge.”

Though finding most of his success in the pop world, Sheeran has shown his affinity for heavier music. He had previously teased in 2021 that when growing up Cradle of Filth and Slipknot were among his favorite bands. He had also spoke about potentially making extreme music, and when challenged by Dani Filth to follow through, the pair have since connected about working together.

Though some time has passed since Sheeran's initial declaration, Filth revealed in an interview this week they've been exploring options for a collaboration.

As for the new version of "Bad Habits" featuring Bring Me the Horizon, you can find it via various platforms here.

Ed Sheeran Featuring Bring Me the Horizon, "Bad Habits"

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