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Edsel Dope Admits He’s Zer0, But Not the One You Think

Edsel Dope Admits He’s Zer0, But Not the One You Think

Edsel Dope, founder of nu-metal/industrial outfit Dope, has been rumored to be Xer0, the frontman taking the stage in tribute to the late Wayne Static in the reactivated Static-X lineup. He's vehemently denied this over the years and, during a recent interview as well as a promotional video, he admitted he had been touring anonymously as Zer0 in the electronica duo Drama Club.

The irony is quite obvious as the aliases are nearly identical and are pronounced (presumably) the exact same way. It's sure to send certain fans right down the rabbit hole from whence they came in regards to uncovering the true identity of the enigmatic Xer0, who performance with Static-X in attire designed to resemble Wayne.

The project began with the aim of playing late night parties and to distance himself from the working world and other music he has famously been a part of. "I didn't want anybody to know who the fuck I was. I just wanted to put on a mask and disappear and go do something creative and fun," Edsel said on the Ryan Seaman and Friends podcast. "I needed a name," he continues, explaining he settled on Zer0 "because it's like starting over — zero followers, zero fans, zero expectations."

It echoes what Edsel said in a pre-order announcement video for Dope's forthcoming album, Blood Money Part Zer0. Along with the news of the new record came a pair of new songs, "Believe" and "No Respect," which can be heard here.

In the fall of 2019, Edsel addressed the rumors that he is Xer0 in Static-X and dismissed it all as "clickbait and hilarious" in a lengthy statement.

Catch dope on the 2023 Rise of the Machines tour with headliners Static-X as well as special guests Fear Factory, Mushroomhead and Twiztid at these stops.

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