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Employed to Serve Release the Savage Metal Anthem ‘Mark of the Grave’

Employed to Serve Release the Savage Metal Anthem ‘Mark of the Grave’

British metal bashers Employed to Serve have returned with another new rager called "Mark of the Grave." It's from their upcoming fourth album, Conquering, out Sept. 17.

But despite the song's crushing riffs and defiant vocals, it was expressly recorded as a way for listeners to let off some steam after a bad day.

The fresh track emerged on Friday (July 30). It follows the June drop of Conquering single "Exist," a mosh-ready jam that, along with "Mark of the Grave," illustrates just how far Employed to Serve have come with their signature style of screamy hard rock rooted in hardcore and metal.

Listen to "Mark of the Grave" down toward the bottom of this post.

In a statement accompanying the new single's release, Employed to Serve vocalist Justine Jones explained that the tune is about "people who'd rather put other people down, instead of getting on with their own lives," as Kerrang reported.

The frontwoman added, "When writing this song, we wanted to try our hand at writing a positive metal anthem for people to blast when they're having a shitty day. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we had fun recording and writing it! Stay kind."

On the imminent album as a whole, Jones previously said Conquering is about rising above adversity and self-doubt.

"We're really excited to share our latest album," she shared. "I feel it's our best work to date. We wanted to go a more metal-orientated direction with this album and see how far we could push our musical capabilities."

Pre-order Conquering here.

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Employed to Serve, "Mark of the Grave"

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