Every Time I Die Members Could Continue to Work Together Within New Band

Every Time I Die's very public breakup has been in the headlines over the past week, and while there is no plan to continue the band after the split with singer Keith Buckley, Every Time I Die guitarist Jordan Buckley has strongly hinted that there is a potential for him to collaborate with the other members on future music.

In their initial statement announcing the split, Jordan Buckley, Andy Williams, Stephen Micciche and Clayton "Goose" Holyoak stated, "Every Time I Die was these 5 members, and we were never budging or accepting any changes. Simply, there is zero truth about the band continuing on with a new singer."

After the statement started to spread among the Every Time I Die fans, Buckley addressed some of the fan questions within the Twitter post, with the guitarist commenting that he could continue to work with the other three members that are not his brother.

"Please keep going with at least the four of you," wrote one fan on Twitter, with Buckley responding, "That’s the plan. I hope I never stop getting in a room with these 3 to write rippers."

When another fan shared his disappointment over the band's scheduled European tour and hope that the remaining band members could "figure a way forward," Buckley added, "We have figured a way forward. One foot in front of the other for now. Im so disappointed about all the cancelations and that we couldn’t tour on Radical over there. I was really siked about that Bronx run."

As for his pursuit of music in the aftermath of the band split, Buckley told another fan, "I ain’t stoppin! Writing music is a part of me that will never go away."

And finally, the strongest suggestion yet the group members will continue working together, when another fan offered, "So disappointing after you just dropped an absolute banger of an album. Hope we can hear you guys again in another project sometime," Buckley responded, "You will."

Within the Twitter thread, another poster suggested that replacing Keith Buckley with another singer was not something to look forward to, with Jordan Buckley clarifying once again that they weren't planning on continuing ETID without Keith.

"You’ve been given false information. Van Halen and AC/DC are the only 2 bands that successfully replaced a singer. We never had any intentions of trying to be the third."

Elsewhere, as reported by Lambgoat, Buckley praised his brother's work within the band, stating, "There is no replacing Keith which is exactly why we never even gave it a thought. Tremendous talent. Very gifted." He went on to add of potential future music within another project, "We're in no rush. But the riffs pile up. I gotta do something with em."

While Jordan Buckley has kept the conversation going with Every Time I Die fans via social media, singer Keith Buckley has also shared his side of the story concerning the band's split in a lengthy social media post. Read more about that here.

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