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Exclusive: See Black Sabbath-Inspired Cover for New Rock Mystery Comic Book ‘Black Tape’

Exclusive: See Black Sabbath-Inspired Cover for New Rock Mystery Comic Book ‘Black Tape’

The worlds of rock and comics are set to intersect with the new mystery comic series Black Tape centered in the world of hard rock and featuring some artwork inspired by the genre's biggest names. In fact, with the exclusive announcement of the forthcoming Black Tape series, we can share with you the Black Sabbath-inspired artwork for the first issue, along with other key art pieces from issue No. 1 of the comic.

The new series follows the tale of miscreant rock idol Jack King, who dies onstage at a sold-out show under mysterious circumstances. When Jack dies suddenly at the height of his musical reign and his cause of death comes with neither rhyme nor reason, subsequent events paint a picture of a singing superstar caught in a web of lies, addiction, and even the unholy powers of the occult.

What really happened to Jack King and the legendary, never-released final album called Black Tape that King produced shortly before his death? Will his widow Cindy be able to protect his legacy as she mourns her loss? With the intersection of music, Hollywood, the 60s, counterculture, Satanic Panic, detective stories and the supernatural, Black Tape unravels the mystery behind the lost album, Jack King’s death, and who had the most to gain by making sure the iconic rocker never performed again.

Black Tape comes from the mind of comic creator Dan Panosian (Iron Man, Wolverine) and pairs him with illustrator/artist Dalibor Talajić (Deadpool, Logan) with coloring from Ive Svorcina. 

“I’m a big fan of horror films like The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, and basically anything from the ‘60s and ’70s because it was a fascinating time for music and culture then,” said Panosian, creator and writer of Black Tape. “Though I’ve spent the majority of my career as an artist within the world of comics, this was a story I was excited to tell as a writer, and I’m so thankful I’ve been able to work with AWA Studios to bring this story to life with them. Combine ‘60s rock ’n’ roll, a little horror, and the Crime Noir genre and you’ve got Black Tape.”

“I’ve been working with Dan since my days at Marvel, and while he’s traditionally published his work as a comic artist, I knew he needed to flex his writing muscles after he shared his idea for Black Tape,” said Axel Alonso, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of AWA Studios. “Dan has an amazing story here, and we’re so proud of the work he’s delivered as a writer. This series takes big swings, and the art and storytelling make for a great match.”

As stated, with the story being set in the rock world, Panosian has also decided the cover artwork should reflect some of his biggest influences. The first issue has multiple cover variants, with one serving as a nod to Black Sabbath.

The creator tells us, "Even before I listened to my first Black Sabbath song, I had a sense of something different, unusual. Something both dark and equally brilliant. Whether it was Ozzy [Osbourne] or Ronnie [James Dio] on vocals – there was this hard-driving essence that seemed to create its own genre of music and message. Tony [Iommi]'s guitar playing is legendary! I feel the same way about Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. These are special bands. Their music defines an entire generation. But not your surface generation. Their music catered to a darker side of the late '60s and early '70s."

Black Tape Issue No. 1 will be available on Feb. 1, both digitally and in stores where comic books are sold. Future issues, like this first issue, will also feature rock inspired cover variants from Chris Ferguson featuring nods to AC/DC, Motorhead and Motley Crue, though none of the bands have direct affiliation with the comic series.

Now head below to see the Black Tape Issue No. 1 cover variants, including one inspired by Black Sabbath, along with some of the interior art pieces below. And be sure to stay tuned to AWA Studios via their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

‘Black Tape’ Comic Series Issue No. 1 Cover Variants + Interiors

See the rock-inspired artwork for the rock-inspired comic mystery.

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