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Famous Metal Bar’s Hearse Used in Goth-Themed Cardi B Photo Shoot

Famous Metal Bar’s Hearse Used in Goth-Themed Cardi B Photo Shoot

Cardi B recently used the black Cadillac hearse that's part of the kitsch at famed New York heavy metal bar Duff's Brooklyn for a Halloween photo shoot that found the rapper channeling The Addams Family.

After all, it seems like Cardi B never misses the opportunity to dress up for Halloween, so why not try to wake the dead with some sexy pics featuring the caravans that transport them?

See the photos down toward the bottom of this post.

"Wicked Halloween photo shoot with Cardi B and the hearse yesterday," Duff's shared on Sunday (Oct. 31) alongside an image of the vehicle. Hours later, they noted how quickly the resulting pics emerged while reposting the goth-themed set of five photos.

The pictures show Cardi among a pair of black hearses while wearing a see-through black metal dress and holding a rose. Her only caption on the images, "MORTICIA ADDAMS," was appended with a tag for the dress made by metal fashion designer Natalia Fedner.

We're talking literal metal, that is. The dress was actually made out of metal.

"The look took non stop work for seven days to create," Fedner explained. "The corset takes 48 hours of dry time and involved dipping my hand made patented textile into a special resin mix. And then forming it to a primed mannequin mold — using temporary 'scaffolding' structures — which are cut out once it dries."

The designer added, "The black metal dress is also made using the 6-way stretch metal technique. For Cardi, I used the 'spiderweb' version of this technique as directed by her stylist, to give the look an extra Halloween twist. All pieces were made to fit Cardi B's exact dimensions like a second skin."

Talk about a very metal Halloween photo shoot.

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