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Fever 333 Singer Confirms Group Will Continue After Band Member Departures

Fever 333 Singer Confirms Group Will Continue After Band Member Departures

UPDATE: Fever 333 singer Jason Aalon Butler has now added an official statement concerning the band's future via Instagram. It reads as follows: "I want to thank Aric and Stephen for their time in this project- not just because a statement feels required, but because I mean that. We shared some incredible experiences over the last few years and for that I will always be grateful."

"To the supporters of Fever 333- I started this project in order to fill a space in music and culture that I have always wanted to see and know many others like and unlike me would also like to experience. Offering representation and progress not only on stages but through the art is paramount for me. I told myself I would not compromise that vision and I must hold true to that promise. Not only for me, but the others out there looking for somewhere to feel free. So I want to take this moment to say thank you to Aric, Stephen and everyone who has made that possible thus far. The initial era of Fever 333 was incredible in so many ways and I am so excited to present to you the next one."

"All LOV333. See y'all soon… -Jason Aalon Butler"

The news that two thirds of Fever 333 were exiting the band certainly sent shockwaves through the rock world yesterday (Oct. 3), but while commenting on a newly posted Instagram post, Fever 333's Jason Aalon Butler confirmed to a fan that the band will continue.

News of the lineup changes were delivered simultaneously by Stephen Harrison and Aric Improta, with Harrison commenting, "I won’t get into the details but things were pretty bad internally," and later adding, "That plus creative differences sort of left me with no choice." Improta commented, "I’d just rather dedicate my time to projects that operate different than that one." The two musicians also kept open the possibility of working together again.

Their exits left Butler as the lone member of Fever 333, and while an official statement did not come from the frontman, he did respond to a fan asking about their future on an Instagram post.

The post itself had Butler reflecting on some of the high energy "shenanigans" at past Fever 333 shows and asking fans to share their stories. It came with a video of him bounding around the tops of porta-potties at a Self Help Festival performance.

With the news making the rounds about the two band member exits, the thread quickly turned away from people sharing their stories to more discussion about the split. At one point, one fan commented, "I imagine the comments section will be flooded with similar, but… Is Fever 333 continuing without Aric & Steve? My 333 tattoo is for life either way."

Butler responded, "All good, brotha. It will be. This project was started due to a vision and that vision will be realized because it has to."

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While no other details were shared about the band's future, it does appear that Butler will continue the group with his central vision still being the driving force. Stay tuned to see how that comes together.

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