Flea Donates Signature Bass With Hand-Drawn Doodles to Charity

Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Eagles, Radiohead and more have donated items to a charity auction through eBay. All net proceeds will benefit Watts Community Core, and bidding ends tonight (Jan. 30).

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans can bid on a signed electric blue Stratocaster, as well as Flea's signature bass. The bass is covered in hand-drawn doodles by the rocker, including "I Am Flea And I Love You" and "stay off the pipe." At the time of this writing, the current highest bid for the bass is $10,100.

Eagles fans can score an acoustic guitar from 1999's The Millenium Concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center that was signed by the band. In addition, Radiohead fans can grab an In Rainbows vinyl/CD box set, also signed by the band.

Steve Vai, Tony Hawk, Cypress Hill and more have also donated collectors items for the charity auction. Bidding ends on the auction tonight (Jan. 30). You can check out everything up for grabs here.

According to their website, Watts Community Core's goal is to ensure, "participants stay out of trouble in and outside of school and to learn skills that will enable them to excel in the arena and life. Discipline, dedication, hard work, perseverance, etc. are all skills that youth will develop through the program. Most importantly, they will have mentors and guides to help them avoid or disengage with the gangs in the community.

"Watts Community Core want to ensure that all the youth in Nickerson Gardens have the opportunity to realize their dreams. To do this, they need programs and opportunity to engage with so that they can stay out of trouble."

In other Red Hot Chilli Peppers news, the band posted an audio snippet on their social media Jan. 28, perhaps alluding to an upcoming music release.

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