Foo Fighters + Coors Light Unveil Blessed, Demon-Fighting ‘Studio 666′ Beer

Foo Fighters upcoming horror-comedy Studio 666 comes bearing so many gifts — first, a metal album by Dave Grohl, and now, a limited-edition, blessed and demon-fighting beer in partnership with Coors Light.

Studio 666 tells the spooky story of Foo Fighters' experience recording their album Medicine at Midnight in a mansion in Encino, Calif. Upon exploring the house, Grohl stumbles upon a demo tape by the metal band Dream Widow, and all hell breaks loose. The rocker becomes possessed, and… well, you'll have to see for yourself when the movie comes out tomorrow (Feb. 25).

Coors Light is supposedly Grohl's favorite beer, so the company put a twist on its recipe for this limited-edition batch — dubbed Coors Almighty Light — which was made with water that's been blessed by a non-denominational ordained minister, so it'll help you fight off the supernatural forces that surround you.

"Coors Almighty Light is the first spiritually-enhanced beer developed specifically to ward off demons while viewing the Foo Fighters' dangerous new film Studio 666," the beer brand's website reads. "Made with real sacred water that has been blessed, this drinkable demon deterrent will shield your soul with every sip."

You can actually enter for a chance to win some of this "drinkable demon deterrent" here, and purchase tickets for Studio 666 at this location.

Reviews for the film started rolling in earlier this week, and so far, it's been mostly critically praised. Many of the reviewers noted that viewers' appreciation for the film will likely depend on how they feel about Grohl and Foo Fighters overall, so take that into consideration.

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