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Foo Fighters’ ‘My Hero’ Is Influencing Themes of New ‘Ted Lasso’ Season

Foo Fighters’ ‘My Hero’ Is Influencing Themes of New ‘Ted Lasso’ Season

You never know exactly who a song may impact, but according to actor Jason Sudeikis, the Foo Fighters song “My Hero” continues to play a huge role in his life. The star and creator of Apple TV’s Ted Lasso reveals that the track is even influencing the current season of his popular streaming comedy series.

Speaking with Mark Hoppus on After School Radio on Apple Music Hits, the former Saturday Night Live star reveals a bit of his history with the song and how music has often inspired his ideas for sketches and storytelling.

“I had done sketch comedy and I liked writing and I still like writing to songs,” says Sudeikis, who occasionally wrote sketches on Saturday Night Live based around songs. “One of my favorite sketches that we did would be these like, I think we called them bar songs. And it would be like when there are four guys sitting around listening to a song. The first one I did was an idea that I’d had to ‘Danny’s Song’ by Loggins and Messina. And especially when something, when verse into the chorus, burst into the chorus … You would tell a story joke during the verse, and then everybody comes in for the chorus and sings the chorus.”

While several sketches came out of songs, Sudeikis says that Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” was “the first time that I heard a song and I felt I saw a whole movie about that song, at least my interpretation of it.”

Sudeikis says, “I’ve never spoken to Dave or any of the guys in the band about what that song is about. I’m sure he’s spoken about it somewhere, but I’ve never sort of tried to research what it was about, but I knew what it was about for me, and some of those themes are literally being used in season two of Ted Lasso.”

“Just the idea of false prophets or don’t meet your heroes or the idea of all statues have clay feet, I think is another example of that. People are human,” added the actor.

“But I just saw a whole world, a whole narrative, and that happens all the time now. Or not all the time, but I listen when it does happen. I pay attention when a song becomes a muse, whether you end up using the tune or not,” says the actor. “But yeah, I saw a beginning, middle and end to a story in that song. For me, that was really profound at 21 years old, 22 years old, having just moved to Chicago to try this acting thing.”

“My Hero” first appeared on Foo Fighters’ 1997 album The Colour and the Shape and was released as the third single from the set in 1998. A continued staple in the band’s live sets, the song peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in 1998.

Catch up on Season 1 of Ted Lasso and the beginning of Season 2 via Apple TV and you can catch more episodes of After School Radio with Mark Hoppus on Apple Music Hits right here.

Foo Fighters, “My Hero”

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