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Ghost Making In-Game Collaboration With Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Mobile Game

Ghost Making In-Game Collaboration With Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Mobile Game

It may be Iron Maiden's game, but the metal legends have been willing to share the spotlight in their "Legacy of the Beast" mobile game by creating in-game collaborations with other acts. The next to take place comes with Ghost's Papa Emeritus IV turning up this evening (Oct. 13) as part of an event called "Mascarade Diabolique."

This special event, which is taking place at 8PM ET / 5PM PT tonight (Oct. 13), will make Papa Emeritus IV a limited time character in the game. Meet Papa Emeritus IV in the mobile game by clicking here.

The "Mascarade Diabolique" event is meant as an ode both bands' history, taking broad themes from the cover of Iron Maiden's 2003 album Dance of Death and the video for Ghost's "Dance Macabre." In this new storyline, Eddie and Papa Emeritus IV are both invited to a mysterious party in Transylvania (taken from the intro to "A Dance Macabre" and also surely a nod to the first Maiden instrumental track of the same name on their debut album!). They soon discover that things are getting out of hand, even faster than usual, as a sinister force has mastered the power to mimic the un-bindable will of the sentient powers of free will and individuality, in an effort to bind them to its control. Together they must fight through the hordes of mind-controlled revelers to confront the corrupted mimic, Cardinal Immortus, an evil clone of Papa Emeritus.

When asked about the initial concept pieces for the new character, Ghost leader Tobias Forge stated that he felt "joy that it was actually happening." He adds, “I’m happy to see that my creature is being led into [Maiden’s] world. That is a cool thing, both very humbling and flattering.”

Iron Maiden band manager Rod Smallwood says, “It’s great that the LOTB mobile game continues to innovate. The introduction of other great band images and characters is a great evolution of the initial idea we had for Eddie’s gaming universe over five years ago."

"To have our friends, Ghost bring Papa Emeritus IV into a dungeon feels like the culmination of a relationship dating back to 2013 when the band first came with us to South America," he continues. "With more slots on the Maiden England Tour in ’14 and then a proper run with us throughout North America on the 2017 The Book of Souls Tour we got to know that our fans appreciated seeing them and that they’d always be welcome with us on the road. I’m sure Eddie will help Papa cause some serious mayhem together and that’s what it’s all about!”

Within the game itself, fans are allowed to take on the role of Eddie as he traverses a diverse array of worlds while appearing in many different forms.

While fans can meet the Papa Emeritus IV character tonight, they can earn the character for free within the gaming by logging in tonight and for a total of seven days. The Papa character will be unlocked on the final and remain playable through Nov. 12 at 4PM PT.

In advance of Ghost's appearance in the game, Tobias Forge also answered questions related to Iron Maiden and the collaboration in the teaser trailer below. Check it out. And be sure to sign in tonight at this location.

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