GWAR Announce ‘The New Dark Ages’ Album + Companion Comic ‘In the Duoverse of Absurdity’

Tremble, puny humans! Your lords and masters GWAR have just announced their new sonic bloodbath (an album) The New Dark Ages and a companion graphic novel dubbed Gwar In the Duoverse of Absurdity.

"This is the greatest rock record of all time. These are the songs for a new age, a New Dark Age, when men live by the dimming light of a technology destined to betray them," asserted front-thing The Berseker Blóthar. "Listen, as we have a rock and roll orgy in the ruins of the world to celebrate humanity’s descent into an age of darkness, disease, ignorance, and death.”

The album, which will be the second to star Blóthar as the vocalist, is set for a June 3 release on CD and digitally with vinyl and cassette options available on Sept. 16 through GWAR's own Pit Records. The graphic novel, released through Z2 Comics, will also arrive on June 3.

Describing a bit of the storyline adopted by the graphic novel, a press release stated "GWAR in the Duoverse of Absurdity chronicles the epic battle between GWAR and their doppelgangers from an alternate universe the band discovers behind their treasured Magic Mirror."

The graphic novel also features artwork from a number of contributors, including two within the GWAR camp, with Andy MacDonald (Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman), Shane White (Things Undone, Braun, Endless Summer), Matt Maguire (GWAR) and Bob Gorman (GWAR) all lending their talents to help drive this wildly imaginative story.

Offering his thoughts on Gwar In the Duoverse of Absurdity, guitarist Bälsäc The Jaws 'o Death exclaimed, "This was the most utterly engrossing book I've ever read! I couldn't wait until I'd read what was on the page before I was compelled to turn it! This novel has the one element that is missing in so many so-called literary masterpieces: It's about me!"

"GWAR has made sure that this story is a full throttle hysterical ride into tipping every sacred cow possible and I consider it an honor to help bring this chapter of the band's legacy to fetid, pulsing, life," added Z2 editor Rantz Hoseley.

View the full panel artwork for The New Dark Ages, the followup to 2017's The Blood of Gods, and the In the Duoverse of Absurdity cover directly below. Pre-order the album here and for more on Z2, head to this location.

GWAR, The New Dark Ages Full Panel Album Art

Gwar, ‘The New Dark Ages’
Pit Records

GWAR In the Duoverse of Absurdity Graphic Novel Cover

‘Gwar in the Duoverse of Absurdity’ Graphic Novel
Z2 Comics

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