H2O’s Toby Morse Recognized By Anesthesiologist Before Colonoscopy

Getting a procedure done can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone, including H2O's Toby Morse. The singer was just about to go under for a colonoscopy when his anesthesiologist recognized him, and actually helped settle his nerves after expressing his fondness for the band.

Morse shared a pre-operation selfie yesterday (Feb. 13) on his Instagram, followed by a post-op selfie video, which expressed how, er, medicated he was. According to his caption, he'd never gone under anesthesia before, was never high on any substances and hadn't been in the hospital since he was a kid. However, considering he's 51 years old, he was due for a colonoscopy.

"The drink the night before wasn’t the worst part. People had me shook about it. But It was the fear of shitting myself in the Uber on the way there the next morning. Which didn’t happen. Thankfully," the singer added.

Just prior to receiving the medication, the anesthesiologist told Morse that he looked familiar. After learning he's the H2O frontman, the doctor pulled up his sleeve and showed him a Sick of It All tattoo on his arm, and they briefly talked music.

"Everyone there was so nice really made me feel comfortable. I was so fucking nervous," Morse continued. "And I’m very glad I did it. Feel so much better. And I’m fine! Thank you Doctor Tabib. Everyone Get your ass checked. I think it’s at 40 – 45yrs old these days actually? Not quite sure. Preventative Care is so important!"

See his post below.

Morse's comment was correct — the American Cancer Society recommends that people who are above average risk for colorectal cancer start getting checked regularly at age 45. There are several different ways that screening for this type of cancer can be done — not just a colonoscopy — and people are considered above average risk if there is any personal or familial history of the cancer, diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn's and more.

Find out more about this type of preventative care here.

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