Hear an Eclectic Cover of Opeth’s ‘Atonement’ With Strings + Two Drummers

The intricacies of Opeth's material lend themselves to symphonic embellishment, something the Philadelphia-based musical collective Table for 26 underscore in their new orchestral rendition of the Swedish prog-metal act's "Atonement." The group released a video for their cover version on Christmas Eve.

"Atonement" is an Opeth cut from the Mikael Akerfeldt-led band's 2005 LP, Ghost Reveries. (That's Opeth pictured above in the same era.) Now over 15 years later, Table for 26 have deployed a string section and two drummers — plus guitar, bass, vocals and more — to make their tune their own. It's their debut track.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The group says of their Opeth cover, "The twisting and winding Phrygian dominant melody flows over a tight and syncopated rhythm section with a few places to catch your breath along the way. Our cover features a few additions throughout that take the song down a slightly different path from its original trajectory."

Table for 26 call themselves a "large-scale musical collective from Philadelphia, Pa., looking to bring the darker side of pop and alternative music to the main stage with six string players, two guitarists, two percussionists, saxophone, flute, bass, keys and vocals."

Visit Table for 26 on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Opeth's latest, In Cauda Venenum, emerged in 2019. Akerfeldt last year addressed the question if he'd been working on any new Opeth material.

Since the release of their Opeth cover, Table for 26 have released an additional cover, "Shades," originally by Icelandic indie-folk group Arstidir. See that below.

Table for 26, "Atonement" (Opeth Cover)

Table for 26, "Shades" (Arstidir Cover)

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