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Hear Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Roar on New Slothrust Song ‘The Next Curse’

Hear Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Roar on New Slothrust Song ‘The Next Curse’

Boston rockers Slothrust have dropped a new song called "The Next Curse," which features a powerful roar from none other than Halestorm's Lzzy Hale.

The song discusses a problem the whole world is facing right now — climate change — which sees absolutely no discrimination. The combination of Slothrust frontwoman Leah Wellbaum's soothing vocals with Hale's powerful pipes makes for a perfect audial juxtaposition.

Listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics below.

“'The Next Curse' is a song about how even in a time when we see our planet on fire and flooding, we still don’t take the time we need to heal ourselves. These circumstances begin to mirror each other in a self-perpetuating cycle," Wellbaum said.

"It is my desire that humans as a species work toward less violence and more compassion for one another despite differences. I hope we can show this kindness to planet Earth as well and treat her like the magical, generous being she is.”

"I was blown away the first time I heard Lzzy sing. She has such a powerful, commanding voice and she immediately had my attention," Wellbaum explained of working with Hale. "I went down a serious YouTube hole and watched a ton of her live performances. She is a performer who exudes light in an authentic and glorious way. As soon as I finished writing this song, I immediately heard her voice on it alongside mine and I am so honored that she was drawn to it. She is someone who I am proud to sing beside."

The Halestorm leader offered her praise for Slothrust as well.

“Leah Wellbaum is a force of nature. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of ‘The Next Curse’ and stand next to her fire," Hale added. "Slothrust is one of my favorite bands, just when you think you know how to properly describe them, they go and toss you into a house of mirrors. Thank you so much for including me in this incredible piece of art.”

The track hails from Slothrust's upcoming fifth studio album Parallel Timeline, which will be out Sept. 10 through Dangerbird Records. Pre-order the record here now, and check out the artwork and track listing toward the bottom of the page.

Until the album is out, you can catch Slothrust on the road now through November. See the dates on their website.

Slothrust, 'The Next Curse' Lyrics

Earth's gonna set on fire
But still I wait
Rabid with desire
But still I wait
Flames gonna kiss my back
I hope I can run faster than that
Earth's gonna set on fire
But still I wait


Who's gonna swallow the blaze
After the flood
Stuck inside the maze
The moss and mud
Drowning with the plants
I hope I can swim faster than that


Earth's gonna set on fire
But still I wait


Yesterday when I woke up the sky was the strangest color. At first I couldn’t figure out if I was asleep or
awake. The time of day was indecipherable and suddenly I became acutely aware of my size. I went outside to
see if I could find a sun or a moon, but all I could pay attention to was a feeling— both exciting and
frightening— that something was about to crack open the muted orange mess above, to save and destroy us
one at a time and all at once…but still I wait.

Slothrust – 'The Next Curse' (featuring Lzzy Hale)

Slothrust, Parallel Timeline Album Artwork + Track Listing

Dangerbird Records

1. Cranium
2. Once More for the Ocean
3. Courtesy
4. The Next Curse (ft. Lzzy Hale)
5. Strange Astrology
6. Waiting
7. King Arthur’s Seat
8. A Giant Swallow
9. White Rabbits
10. Parallel Timeline

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