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Here’s When the KISS Avatars Will Debut

Here’s When the KISS Avatars Will Debut

KISS turned heads when they unveiled their avatars earlier this month. Now the group has announced when the virtual band will debut.

It was Dec. 2 when the face painted rock stars played their final concert, bringing their End of the Road tour to a close with a rousing performance in their hometown of New York. “The end of this road is the beginning of another road,” frontman Paul Stanley declared at the end of the set. Then, as the human version of KISS exited the stage, the new avatar embodiment of the band appeared on screen with the message: “A new era begins.”

KISS soon confirmed that performances featuring their avatars – similar to the successful ABBA hologram tour – was in the works.

Now, in a new post to social media, KISS has revealed how long fans will have to wait to see the virtual band in action.

“The future is so exciting,” Gene Simmons can be seen saying in the promotional clip, edited together with footage of fans professing their love for KISS. Graphics then swirl to reveal the message: “2027. A show is coming.”

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How Are the KISS Avatars Being Made?

KISS’ avatar plans have been polarizing among fans, with some suggesting they’re ruining the organic concert experience, while others hail the technology as a way the band can continue on forever.

The project is daunting, with George Lucas’ visual-effects company Industrial Light & Magic helming the virtual KISS’ creation. While fans have only seen glimpses of the avatars so far, their complete look – and ability to interact with audiences – will continue to evolve.

“They’re gonna get better, that animated stuff. There’s so much being planned, even beyond my comprehension,” Simmons recently admitted. “They’re spending, oh, about 200 million [dollars] to take it to the next level.”

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