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Hot Dog Flavored Hard Seltzer Is Now a Thing, Fulfills the Limp Bizkit Prophecy

Hot Dog Flavored Hard Seltzer Is Now a Thing, Fulfills the Limp Bizkit Prophecy

Ever since White Claw was introduced in 2016, every alcohol brand imaginable has come out with their own version of hard seltzers in a wide variety of flavors — for better or for worse. Well, hot dog-flavored hard seltzer is now a thing, which fulfills the almighty Limp Bizkit prophecy.

Paging Mr. Fred Durst!

Honestly, we can't think of anyone in the world who could've asked for this. Hot dogs are staples at barbecues and sporting events, but everyone knows that they're made from less-than-desirable animal parts. Martin House Brewing Company, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is to blame for this drinkable monstrosity, which a 5.2 percent ABV seltzer made with water that was literally used to boil hot dogs [via The Dallas Morning News].

The drink, called "Bun Length," will be featured as part of the brewery's upcoming new Awesome Sauce hard seltzer collection. They'll debut it at their hot dog celebration, Glizzy Fest, which is set to take place July 16. It'll be available both on draft and in cans, which will be priced at $4 each.

And if hot dog flavored seltzer doesn't satisfy your taste buds' carbonated barbecue cravings, there will also be a brand new pickle mustard beer for you to try at the event, while a John Cougar Mellencamp cover band plays in the background and a hot dog-eating contest takes place.

Talk about a sausage party! If you're in the Fort Worth area or… feel like traveling to it for the celebration, wristbands are available for $15, which also comes with a "Suckin' on chili dogs" souvenir glass and four pours of beer or seltzer.

We think they missed out by not recruiting Durst and the rest of Limp Bizkit to perform Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water in its entirety, but the Mellencamp tribute band may be a more relaxing touch.

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