Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Names His Favorite Female Singer

Currently in the midst of a spoken word tour in the United States, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson has been fielding questions from fans in attendance, addressing them once he's finished regaling them with tales from his life. At a stop in Columbus, Ohio on Jan. 27, he revealed his favorite female singer.

The Q&A portions of Dickinson's spoken word shows have yielded some interesting tidbits, especially when it comes to favorites of various sorts. Earlier on the 2022 tour, the Maiden frontman revealed that he felt "Total Eclipse," originally a B-side to the "Run to the Hills" single, was the band's most underrated song.

Regarding his favorite female singer, Dickinson told the Columbus crowd (video below), "The one that rolls off the tip of my tongue is Ann Wilson from Heart."

Reasoning what makes her such a standout, he explained, "Although she didn't have the kind of — not charisma; notoriety or whatever of somebody like a Janis Joplin, an equally great voice and things like that… she's just a complete all-arounder. The most amazing voice… Crystalline, she's a beautiful folk singer, fantastic metal singer with a lovely edge to it, flawless technique. Honestly [does mock bow], not worthy. Amazing."

If you have any questions you'd like to ask Bruce Dickinson, you can seize your opportunity and catch one of the remaining spoken words shows at these locations. And look for Iron Maiden to return to North America later this year on a new leg of their ongoing "Legacy of the Beast" tour. To see if they're stopping near you, head here, just don't expect to catch a glimpse of Dickinson piloting the band's Ed Force One airplane this time around — he's already confirmed he won't be in the cockpit for the jaunt.

Bruce Dickinson Names His Favorite Female Singer During Spoken Word Show