Is Machine Gun Kelly Going Back to Hip Hop? New Snippet May Offer Clue

Machine Gun Kelly this week shared a video that acts as a kind of introduction to his new artistic era surrounding Mainstream Sellout, the eclectic musician's forthcoming album that arrives on March 25. But does a song snippet in the clip suggest Kelly might be making a move back toward hip hop?

Because, at least from what's heard of the brief portion, the tune lacks any of the guitars that fuel Mainstream Sellout's first single, last year's grunge-indebted stomper "papercuts," as well as its follow-up, last week's Willow-assisted pop-punk ode "emo girl." In their place is a trap beat with a recording of MGK saying "yeah" overtop. Yet, in the same clip, he also introduces his new guitar.

Watch the video down near the bottom of this post.

"new album, new snippet, new guitar," Machine Gun Kelly wrote alongside the teaser. "MAINSTREAM SELLOUT," he added.

Kelly, also an actor under his real name Colson Baker, started his music career as a rapper, culminating with his fourth album, 2019's Hotel Diablo, and the previous year's Eminem diss track "Rap Devil." For 2020, MGK said he would crossover to rock. He then teamed up with blink-182's Travis Barker and recorded that year's pop-punk album Tickets to My Downfall. Barker also contributes to Mainstream Sellout.

In Tuesday's teaser, Kelly starts by playing his signature pink guitar he debuted with Downfall while that album's "drunk face" is heard. It zooms in close, then zooms out  to reveal his shiny new chrome-plated guitar as the section of the unreleased song plays.

Earlier this year, MGK promised two new albums for 2022, one being Mainstream Sellout. (At the time, it still was titled Born With Horns.) He recently got engaged to actress Megan Fox. Last year, Kelly drew the ire of Slipknot fans after engaging in a spat with the band.

Machine Gun Kelly New Song + Guitar Teaser – Feb. 8, 2022

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