Is Slipknot’s Sid Wilson Dating Kelly Osbourne?

Is Slipknot's Sid Wilson dating Kelly Osbourne? We aren't quite sure, but some photos Osbourne posted on her Instagram story the other day seem to infer that they have some sort of bond with each other.

As per Daily Mail, Osbourne uploaded two photos with Wilson this past Monday (Jan. 17). The first was a selfie of the duo soft-smiling, and the second showed the Slipknot DJ kissing her on the cheek. Unfortunately, no feed photos have been posted yet, so it isn't quite "IG official," but stay tuned.

See the images below.

Osbourne was previously in a relationship with a cinematographer named Erik Bragg, whom she separated from in October after being together for around a year.

Wilson, who turns 45 tomorrow (Jan. 20), has been a member of Slipknot since 1998, and therefore has played on several Ozzfest lineups. Can you imagine the Prince of Darkness being your girlfriend's dad? Talk about an interesting family dynamic… if that's the case here.

In fact, Osbourne is reportedly a big fan of the 'Knot, according to Corey Taylor. Back in 2011, the frontman recalled sitting in catering at Ozzfest with Sharon Osbourne when Ozzy came into the room.

"Ozzy came out and I was just like, 'Oh my God,' and he goes, 'Slipknot, I wanna be No. 10.' And I went, 'Anytime you want!'"

Regardless of the pair's relationship status, they seem to be enjoying one another's company and we wish them the best!


Instagram – Kelly Osbourne [via Daily Mail][/caption]


Instagram – Kelly Osbourne [via Daily Mail][/caption]

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